Avoiding Clogs With Effective Drain Cleaning

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Cleaning the drains of your home can be a vital step for protecting the plumbing from highly disruptive clogs that can also be expensive to repair. Fortunately, the process of keeping your drains clean and clear will be fairly simple for a homeowner that is reasonably informed.  

Act Before A Slow Drain Turns Into A Total Clog

A drain that is completely clogged can be messy and difficult to clear, which can make it advisable to act when the drain first starts to slow. At a minimum, this should include a thorough cleaning of the drain to remove blockages that may be starting to develop in it. This can be particularly useful with suspected hair clogs, as these can rapidly grow in size once they first develop.

Use Hot Water To Flush Sticky Residues

There are some residues that can be sticky enough to coat the interior of the pipes. These substances will be able to trap solid particles and materials as they are flowing through the pipe, which can gradually result in the width of the pipe narrowing. Periodically flushing the pipes with extremely hot water is one option that can greatly reduce this issue as it will loosen these residues so that they can be flushed out of the pipes. When using hot water for this task, you will want to avoid actually boiling the water. This water can be hot enough to cause damage to the pipes. Slow drains can be highly prone to this type of damage, as the boiling water will remain in contact with the pipes for much longer.  

Recognize The Drains That Need To Be Cleaned The Most Frequently

There are some drains in your home that will need to be cleaned more frequently than others. Identifying the drains in your home that are going to experience the most use can be a good first step for devising a schedule for cleaning this part of your plumbing. In addition to the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink will be another drain that will need to be cleaned very frequently. Otherwise, toothpaste residue, makeup, and other substances could contribute to clogs developing. In the event that a major clog forms in the bathroom sink, it may have developed in the U-bend of the pipe. This may be reached with a drain auger, but if this fails, the U-bend pipe may be removed to allow easier access to the clog. When putting the pipe back in place, care much be taken to ensure it is properly secured so that it will not leak when water flows through it.

For more information about drain cleaning, contact a local professional.

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