Indicators That Your Garbage Disposal Has Issues

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A well-functioning garbage disposal gets rid of waste, keeping your pipes and sinks clean. However, your disposal likely needs fixing or replacement if it's experiencing various problems. Thus, you will need to seek expert help. A qualified plumber can inspect the system and ascertain the most suitable solution. Here are some indicators that your garbage disposal has issues:

Unbearable Smells From the System

There might be underlying issues if smelly water backs up in your sink. For example, your drain line could be blocked, leading to poor drainage. Food may have been trapped in the grinding chamber and sat there for too long. With time, bacteria might have started eating away at the food particles, causing foul odors. To remedy this and eliminate the smells, it would be best to get an expert to thoroughly clean your garbage disposal and its components.

Strange Noises

A disposal emitting humming or vibrating sounds may indicate a significant blockage. If substances like small bones find their way into your garbage disposal, they could jam the system. As a result, you might also hear disruptive grinding noises. On the other hand, clanking sounds could indicate a clog. In any case, if you hear any odd sounds, hire a qualified plumber immediately. The expert will inspect your waste management system and fix the malfunction to restore normal functioning.


Your disposal could leak from various sections, indicating extensive issues. For example, the seal might be degraded if the leakage comes from the bottom. Leaks from the top may point to ruined putty or a faulty flange. Nonetheless, a professional can replace these components to prevent further seepage. Ignoring this problem or putting off a resolution can lead to water puddles on the floor, leading to water damage. Based on your plumber's recommendation after they examine your system, it might be more cost-effective to install a new garbage disposal than to fix the parts.

Difficulty Turning On

A garbage disposal that won't turn on might have electrical issues. For instance, the motor might be destroyed due to clogs, or the system may overheat due to obstructions, causing power issues. Consequently, your circuit breaker might trip to prevent damage to the appliance. You need an expert to check your disposal and resolve electrical malfunctions if you notice that it's not turning on as it should. They can also inspect your circuit breaker and ensure it works effectively.

Various signs indicate a malfunctioning waste disposal system. However, a qualified plumber can fix the mishaps promptly. The expert also guides you regarding what items to avoid putting in your appliance, to avoid a re-occurrence. 

For more information about waste disposal services, contact a local professional. 

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