Audio visual by Steven McInerney
      Live at Strange Umbrellas #9. Apiary Studios 3/10/15

      Decomposition is a 9 minute camera-less film piece for one 16mm projector with optical sound and live modular soundtrack. 300ft of unexposed developed colour negative stock underwent a series of organic and chemical decomposing techniques. A colour print was made of the results and while projected the sound output signal of the disrupted emulsion is sent into the preamp of a modular synthesiser translating the film print’s sound into controlled voltage in which the parameters are played live.

      Directed by Steven McInerney
      Produced by Psyché Tropes

      Psyché Tropes is a label dedicated to exploring the synaesthetic intersections between sound and its visual counterpart. HFF Vol. 1 is a triple vinyl LP with 15 tracks of wayward electronics and sound pieces by artists who have been involved in Hackney Film Festival. . Each record comes with a 40 frame 16mm film strip with combined optical soundtrack.

      Produced by Psyché Tropes

      Official video for Merkaba Macabre's Mare Tranquillitatis as featured on HFF Vol. 1. Film footage courtesy of NASA. Digital transfer by iDalies. Film editing by Steven McInerney. Special thanks to Umit & Son.

      Directed by Steven McInerney
      Produced by Digital Snowball

      Official video for Circle Traps' Portent. The video was inspired by the bands artwork for their new EP Machine City. Set within a concrete post modern structure called the Pasmore Pavilion, a piece of public art in the new town of Peterlee in County Durham in the North East of England, designed by British artist and architect Victor Pasmore.

              Directed by Steven McInerney
              Produced by Hackney Film Festival

              Offiicial video for Bass Clef's track Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare. The video has been releaseed to accompany a 12'' of remixes out on Punch Drunk 7 October. Order online here. Enjoy!


                    • EN TROU DANS LE TEMPS
                      Installation by Steven McInerney and Paul Bloom
                      Commissioned by Cork French Film Festival

                      3’00’’ in loop
                      Sound : Reconstructed from La Jetée

                      Un Trou Dans Le Temps is a video triptych in homage to Chris Marker’s ‘photo-roman’ La Jetée (1962). Using the Fibonacci sequence it creates an experience of past, present and future caught in a loop of time.

                            • HACKNEY FILM FESTIVAL 2012
                              Produced, Directed and Edited by Steven McInerney

                              Hackney Film Festival 2012 teaser directed by Steven McInerney and Stuart Heaney. Edited by Steven McInerney. Sound by Tom White (Exposures side a). The Hackney Film Festival 2012 spanned across 7-9 September unleashing a varied and lively programme consisting of film screenings, Q&A's, live cinema shows and artist film performances.


                                    • 19 WARDS
                                      Directed by Steven McInerney
                                      Produced by Hackney Film Festival

                                      The Hackney Film Festival presents 19 WARDS. A psychogeographical document on the London borough of Hackney. Filmed with an ARRI SR2 using Kodak Double X at 50fps.