Five Items Covered During A Plumbing Inspection

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If you are buying a home or if you have an older home, a plumbing inspection is a good idea. The inspection catches any potential problems early, which means you can have them repaired before water damage occurs.

1. Pipes and Drains

One of the most important aspects of an inspection is making sure all your water supply lines and drain pipes are in good condition with no leaks. Your inspector will perform a leak test, and they may also use a pipe camera to view the lines internally for any damage. Further, valves and regulators along the system, such as the pressure regulator valve on your main water line, will also be inspected to makes sure they are functioning correctly.

2. Faucets and Sinks

The faucets, taps, and their adjoined sinks and tubs must be inspected as well. Faucets may have minor issues, such as worn o-rings or failing seals, that can be repaired. Or there may be major issues that best necessitate a replacement. Tubs and sinks must also be checked to verify that there are no leaks or other issues with the installation. In the kitchen, sprayer nozzles and the garbage disposal will be inspected along with the sink.

3. Appliances

Most homes have several water-using appliances, like dishwashers, washing machines, and even the ice maker in your fridge. Leaks in any of these appliances can lead to water damage to your home or to the appliance, not to mention the excess use of water from such a leak. Not only will the plumber inspect the appliance, they will also inspect the supply lines leading to the appliance and the water valves, both hot and cold, to verify that everything is working with no leaking.

4. Water Heater

Your water heater should be inspected annually, not just periodically. Your plumber will verify that all supply lines, along with emergency shut off valves and water delivery valves, are in good condition and working properly. They will also check the heating elements and electrical or gas components for any wear or tear. Finally, the water heater must be checked for sediment buildup. If there is buildup, it will need to be flushed.

5. Exterior Plumbing

The plumbing in your yard, garage, or shed must also be inspected. Often, major leaks occur outdoors since the plumbing is exposed to freezing weather and temperature fluctuations. The plumber will check irrigation lines and the outdoor water valve boxes for any leaks. Outdoor faucets and hose bibs will also be inspected for damage.

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