5 Causes Of Septic Failure

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If you have a septic tank, then you already know it needs to be regularly pumped and clean in order to function properly. What you may not be aware of are the other major problems that necessitate a call to a septic repair service. 

1. Landscape Flooding

Septic tanks often fail because of too much water in the immediate landscape. Most septic tanks are somewhat porous, which means they can absorb moisture out of the surrounding soil. This can lead to premature filling as well as an imbalance of the microbes in the tank. Overwatering near the tank or poor yard drainage that routes water toward the tank are the common culprits. 

2. Worn Out Baffles

The baffles are the area of the tank where the inlet and outlet lines attach. The baffles are designed to act as seals so that incoming sewage or outgoing effluent doesn't leak into the soil right next to the tank. Baffles can wear out after a few decades. If not promptly fixed or replaced, the leaks can worsen to the point that irreparable damage occurs. For this reason, the baffles should be inspected at every septic pumping. 

3. Improper Use

Using the tank improperly can lead to an overly full tank, a clog in the lines, or damage to the drain field. First and foremost, do not put anything down the drains other than human waste, wastewater, and toilet paper marked as septic safe. You must also take care that any cleaners and soaps that are ultimately washed down drains are septic safe. If you have a full household, you may also need to have the tank pumped more often to avoid overfilling.

4. Tree Roots

Roots will grow into septic lines, drain fields, and even force their way into the tank itself as they seek out the damp and high nutrients contained within. If ignored, these roots will eventually cause leaks or crush pipes. They can also clog up the drain field so it is rendered useless. It's important to remove any trees that could endanger the system. You should also have the pipes check for damage annually and repaired as necessary.

5. Ground Shift

Over time the ground can shift, which can damage your septic system. Pipe joints may become separate or a tank may actually crack under the pressure of the moving ground. There can also be issues with parts of the tank coming out of level, which may prevent the effluent from moving through properly. If a ground shift occurs, a repair tech must inspect the tank so any necessary repairs can be made before a major failure occurs. 

Contact a septic repair service if you suspect any of these issues are affecting your system.

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