3 Things To Know About Air Duct Cleaning

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If you own a house and have never cleaned your air ducts, you might not realize how dirty they are. Air ducts transport air throughout your home, and they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, mold, and other types of debris over time. If you want to have a cleaner and safer home to live in, you might want to consider getting your air ducts cleaned. Here are three things to know about this vital service.

1. Why You Need It

The first thing to know is why you need it. When you consider your HVAC system, you should understand how it works. The furnace produces heat and sends it to the rooms in your home through the air ducts. Your system also has return air ducts that force air back to your furnace. As air travels, it picks up things from your house, such as dust. As this occurs, it spreads these particles through your home, but some of the particles stick to your air ducts. The ducts trap these particles, leaving them contaminated and dirty. As the system spreads air through your home, the air can pick up some of these particles and contaminate the air you breathe.

2. What It Involves

When you hire a company to clean your air ducts, they will show up with all the equipment they need. They might have a camera they use to see the insides of your ducts. They will also have a large vacuum machine they use to suck out the contaminants from your ducts. They might also have other tools they need to complete the job. They will clean every air duct you have in your home with the tools and equipment they bring to your house.

3. How Often to Hire a Company for This Service

The third thing to know is how often you should hire a company to perform air duct cleaning. The answer depends on several factors. If you do not smoke in the house or have pets, you can likely go several years without it. If you have pets or smokers, you might want to do this every couple of years.

Your home is the place where you spend a lot of time. Therefore, you probably want it to be a clean and safe place for your family. If you are ready to have a cleaner, safer home, contact a company that offers air duct cleaning services today.

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