Sewer Line Problems Can Leave The Following Warning Signs

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There are many areas of concern around your home and property when it comes to your plumbing system. You have to watch for leaky pipes, take steps to prevent frozen pipes, have your drains cleaned to prevent clogs, and more. One of the important areas of concern you should have is with regard to your home's sewer line. Here are some signs indicating there might be a need for a sewer repair on your property: 

Your toilet bowl has inconsistent levels — If you are noticing that one day the water in your toilet is at the regular level, then the next day it is lower, then this is something you need to pay attention to. An inconsistent water level in the toilet can indicate that there is a problem with your sewer line that needs to be taken care of by a plumber, such as a clog in the line. 

The drains are moving slow — When the water is turned on in your sinks, then the water should go right down the drains just as it always has. If the water starts to linger in the sinks a little longer because the drains are moving slower, then the issue may reside in the sewer line. A plumber should come out and check things out, so they can free up any clogs or repair any other issues going on. 

There are noises in the system — It can be normal to hear some noises in your plumbing systems, such as sounds when the water heater comes on or other noises you have become used to hearing through the years. However, if you are starting to hear new noises in the plumbing, then this is not a good sign. You want to have the plumber come to check everything out, because there may be a problem in the sewer line they need to repair. 

Pests seem to like your yard — If you notice there are more bugs and other pests like rodents coming into your yard, then this can be a big sign letting you know you may have sewer line problems.

There is a foul odor — It's not hard to determine there is the smell of sewer issues on your property. If you start to smell this, then get the plumber out quickly and have the problem fixed. The issue can be serious and will have the potential to get much worse quickly without repairing it.

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