5 Signs That You Drain Cleaning Services

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Drainage is a vital element of your household. And so, you shouldn't overlook its maintenance. Drain cleaning forms part of drain maintenance. Undertake this task regularly, and any time you experience the following signs:

1. Backed Up Drains

Drain backups commonly occur in the basement, shower, tub, and toilet drains.  Backed-up drains emanate from several factors. Consult your professional drain cleaning services to figure out the root cause.

For example, a backed-up water tub could mean that the strainer is clogged and needs cleaning. You may also need a simple plunger or an electric drain snake fix if fine debris causes the backup. However, if your drain needs a new sewer-trap replacement, call your plumber to install the right one.

2. Horrible Smells

Besides being unpleasant, foul odors can contain hazardous gasses such as methane which adversely affect your health. Such smells can be caused by a dry sink P-trap or a backup sewer.

A simple home remedy is to pour clean hot water down the culprit drains. If this doesn't work, contact professional drain cleaning services for help.

3. Unwanted Bugs and Pests

As food particles, hair and grease accumulate in your pipes; they attract insects that breed in your drain pipes feeding on the organic matter. If you neglect drain cleaning, the insects start crawling up your drains to infest your home. Such insects include cockroaches and fruit flies

Professional plumbers help you determine the suspect drains and undertake drain cleaning.

4. Multiple Clogged Drains

Minor drain clogs are easily fixed using a plunger or a drain Snake. However, when clogs often appear or multiple of them at once, that is a sign of deeper issues with your drainage system. You require a professional plumber to investigate and solve the underlying issues.

Such issues can emanate from clogged drainage vents, dirty sewer lines, or broken sewer lines caused by corrosion, aging, or root infiltration.

5. Stagnant Water/Slow Drains and Drain Sounds

You can easily solve water stagnation in your sinks using a plunger. However, if the problem persists, you should contact a professional plumber to check your vent pipes, septic system, or sewer lines and determine the root cause. Your plumber then solves the issue through plumbing repairs or drain cleaning.

Drain bubbling and gurgling happen when air bubbles force their way up your drains. This issue may be due to clogs in the drain, which form air pockets; hence trapped air flows up the drain as water descends. You may need a professional plumber to isolate the root cause of your drain sounds and then undertake drain cleaning.


Drain cleaning requires proper tools and knowledge to avoid escalating existing problems. In addition, chemical drain cleaners are harmful and a temporary solution. Contact professional drain cleaning services to sort you out.

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