6 Noises That Say You Need To Hire Plumbers

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Are strange noises coming from your plumbing at one time or another? This can be worrying if you don't know what's causing the sounds, but there are some common reasons behind the strange noises. Most plumbing noises are harmless, but some can signify serious risks. Here are common plumbing noises and what causes them so that you know when to call plumbers to fix any problems.

1. Dripping Noises

Your faucet may be slowly dripping. But there could also be a leak from one of the plumbing fixtures, which can cause significant damage to both your fixtures and property if it goes on for too long. Leaks that go unnoticed can cause a lot of damage because of mold infestation. Call the plumber to investigate the leak and fix it.

2. Popping Pipes

This issue often arises due to mineral buildup in water pipes. If you have hard water, there's a good chance your pipes will build up excess minerals over time. When you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet, these minerals can expand quickly and make their way through small cracks in plumbing systems. Ask plumbers about a whole house water softener. 

3. Gurgling pipes

If you hear gurgling under your sink, there's likely a problem with drainage in one of your pipes. A gurgling sound could indicate air trapped in the line, which often happens when a pipe has excess water because of clogging. The plumbers will do drain cleaning and clear clogs to fix this problem. 

4. Squealing Noises

As the plumbing system ages, the components will loosen, including washers, nuts, and bolts. These components will make squealing noises as they move against each other. A plumber can easily solve this problem by tightening the loose parts. 

5. Rattling Noises

Do you hear a sound like someone is tapping against the walls? This noise could be coming from pipes shaking and knocking against the fasteners and walls. You are more likely to hear this noise from old plumbing where pipe fasteners have loosened. The pipes will also rattle against the walls, floor, or ceiling. This problem is also easily remedied by tightening the fasteners or replacing them. 

6. Humming Noises 

You will occasionally hear a noise from the plumbing like someone is humming. This problem happens when the pressure in the plumbing is too high, making the pipes vibrate. It is not harmful when it occasionally happens, but it can make components wear out faster when sustained for a long time. Call a plumber to regulate the pressure meter.

A functional plumbing system is essential to keeping your home comfortable, and fixing any problems should be a top priority. Call a plumber if you have concerns about your pipes. 

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