Why Is Your Well Pump Overheating? The Main Causes Explained

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Well pumps are an essential part of any home that relies on a well for its water supply. Without a well pump, you wouldn't be able to get the water you need for drinking, cooking, bathing, and all of the other tasks that require water. 

However, well pumps can sometimes overheat, which can lead to a loss of water pressure or even a complete shutdown of your pump. If you're wondering why your well pump might be overheating, read on for some possible explanations.

An Overloaded Motor

An overloaded motor is one of the most common reasons for an overheating well pump. If your well pump is constantly running, it can cause the motor to overheat and eventually fail.

There are a few things that can cause an overloaded well pump motor, such as:

  • A faulty pressure switch. This switch controls the well pump and tells it when to turn on and off. If the pressure switch is faulty, it can cause the well pump to run constantly, which will eventually lead to an overloaded motor.
  • A clogged pump. If your well pump is clogged with sediment or other debris, it can cause the well pump to work harder than it needs to since it has to struggle to push the water through together with the debris. This can eventually lead to an overloaded motor.
  • A broken impeller. The impeller is the part of the well pump that helps to move water through the system. If the impeller is broken, it can cause the well pump to work harder than necessary, which can lead to an overload.
  • A leaking pipe. If there is a leak in one of the pipes that carry water to or from your well pump, it can cause the well pump to run constantly in an effort to make up for the water that's being lost.

Usually, these issues require specialized repairs to fix. A well repair expert can first check the pressure switch and replace it if necessary. The same goes for a broken impeller. The expert can also clean out the inside of your well pump to remove any sediment or debris that might be causing an issue.

A Faulty Circuit Breaker

Another possible reason for an overheating well pump is a faulty circuit breaker. The circuit breaker helps protect your well pump from electrical damage by shutting off the power to the well pump if it draws too much current. The pump motor has specific ratings for amperage (a measure of electrical current), and if the well pump draws more current than the circuit breaker can handle, it will trip.

However, if the circuit breaker itself is faulty, it might not be able to do its job properly. The pump will continue to draw more current than it's supposed to, which can cause it to overheat and eventually fail.

The excess current can easily overwhelm the pump's insulation, causing it to melt and create overheating issues. In addition, the current can also damage the internal winding of the pump's motor, causing it to fail.

If you suspect that a faulty circuit breaker is causing your well pump's overheating issues, the best thing to do is to call a well repair expert. They can quickly test the circuit breaker and replace it if necessary. 

Reach out to a well pump supplier to learn more.

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