Bathroom Annoyances That A Plumber Can Fix

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Using your bathroom should be a relaxing experience — or at least one that does not cause you any stress. So often, however, people struggle with annoyances regarding how their bathroom plumbing works. It's common to shrug these annoyances off without realizing that a plumber could easily fix them. Here are four common bathroom annoyances you can and should call a plumber about.

A toilet that runs randomly.

Does your toilet randomly turn on and start filling? This can be annoying when you want some quiet time in the bathroom or when you're just trying to sit on the toilet. A toilet that runs randomly usually has a leak that causes water to seep from the tank to the bowl. Not only is this annoying, but it's also a waste of water. Your plumber can locate the leak and repair it. Often, this just involves replacing a component of the toilet such as the flapper or chain. 

A shower that gets hot when someone flushes.

It's more than annoying to be taking a shower and get blasted with hot water because someone flushed the toilet. This happens because when someone flushes, the cold water is diverted to the toilet, away from the shower, leaving only hot water flowing through the shower head. A plumber can fix this problem by adding a temperature-sensitive valve to the shower. The valve will adjust the amount of hot water coming out of your shower in response to the amount of cold water it detects. Someone will be able to flush without you being burned.

A sink drain that gurgles.

Does your sink drain gurgle and bubble while letting water down? This is often due to a blockage in your sewer vent. The air can't go through the vent, so it comes up through the drain. A plumber can locate the blockage in the sewer vent and remove it, which will help your sink drain more easily.

A low-pressure shower.

Taking a shower is not as enjoyable if the water is trickling out slowly. If you have low water pressure in your shower, it may be because your shower head is blocked by mineral buildup. It may also be because of mineral buildup further down in the water line leading to your shower tap. A plumber can solve both of these issues, either by replacing the shower head or the water line.

If your bathroom plumbing is annoying you in any of the ways above, call a plumber. You deserve comfort and relaxation in your own bathroom. Reach out to a plumbing service familiar with light bathroom renovations to learn more.

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