5 Problems That a Water Heater Replacement Can Solve

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If you want to be sure that you'll always have enough hot water in your home to shower, wash dishes, and do other important household tasks, a good water heater is a must. The best water heaters are supposed to last for many years, but there will likely come a time when your water heater will start giving you problems that can only be resolved with a water heater replacement. With a water heater replacement, you can put an end to these five problems if you're currently experiencing any of them.

1. A Lack of Hot Water

The most obvious sign that your water heater is no longer performing up to par is if you notice that you're unable to get enough hot water when you turn a faucet on hot. You might be getting only warm water instead of hot, or your water may not be heating up at all if the water heater has stopped working entirely. Your water may also be taking a lot longer to heat up than normal when you run it, at which point you should have your water heater inspected to determine if it needs a replacement.

2. Excessive Electricity Use

If you have an electric water heater and get an electric bill that's higher than normal, your water heater may be the cause. Old or damaged water heaters often have to work harder and use more energy to produce hot water. By replacing your water heater, you can save money and reduce your energy consumption to help the environment.

3. Leaks

A leaking water heater is never a good thing, and you should try to get a water heater replacement as quickly as possible if simpler repair methods can't stop the leakage. Water leaks can damage walls, flooring, and other nearby home structures and can also cause electrical shortages if the water gets into any exposed electrical outlets or appliances. The water that leaks from a water heater may even penetrate through walls and damage the walls and flooring in other rooms if the problem isn't resolved quickly.

4. Weird Noises

Your water heater should run relatively quietly, and any unusual noises that you hear coming from it should be cause for concern. If you hear any popping, bumping, or rumbling noises that get louder as your water heater works to heat water, there could be hardened sediment buildup that might only be resolved with a water heater replacement.

5. Rust Formation

You might notice rust formation on your water heater's storage tank, or you may even see rust in your water. The water heater could have a corroded component that's causing rust to form outside or inside the unit. Rust formation is a common problem for older water heaters that are past their prime.

You won't have to be left in the cold if you get any water heater problems taken care of quickly. If it's time for a water heater replacement, plumbing professionals have the tools to remove your old water heater and put in a new one correctly.

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