6 Signs You May Need Emergency HVAC Services

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Heating and cooling are essential for many homeowners, and when they don't function properly a variety of subsequent issues can arise. While routine checkups can be a great preventive action, when the HVAC system fails, you're likely to need service promptly. Here are some tips to assist with the decision to call an experienced HVAC tech.

1. Loud or Strange Noises From the Unit

While some models may make different sounds, when they start sounding unusual or emitting hissing, clicking, or gurgling noises, it could be a sign of HVAC issues. Sometimes, this could be due to a refrigerant leak, a failing compressor, or trapped air in the coolant lines. All of these situations merit making an emergency HVAC service call.

2. Ice Formation on the HVAC System

When evaporator coils form ice on essential parts of the indoor or outdoor system, this could be a major sign of a system malfunction. These ice formations can occur when there is a filter clog or leak or when the HVAC needs to be cleaned. Frozen systems can result in further damage that can cost far more than an emergency service call.

3. Bad Smells or Odors

If you have a gas furnace in your home and notice an incredibly overwhelming foul smell, then there's likely a problem with the heating and cooling system. Odors that smell of rotten eggs are often a sign of a gas leak. In these situations, an emergency repair call is a smart move, and getting out of the home if a gas system is in place can be life-saving.

4. The Air Conditioner Is Blowing Warm Air

If the AC vents start blowing warm air and leaving the space warm, you might want to consider emergency HVAC repair, especially in spring or summer. Some common culprits that can cause this situation include vent blockages or a faulty air compressor.

5. Electrical Issues

Any signs of electrical problems due to the HVAC system like breaker trips can be a risky and dangerous situation. In many cases, large two-component devices and furnaces can cause this problem. Experts advise shutting the system down ASAP and calling in for an emergency visit.

6. Signs of Leaks

If there are any signs that the HVAC system is leaking water or refrigerant, a good bit of damage can occur. Stained ceilings, mold, and overflows in the attic can lead to major and costly concerns, and making an emergency service call is a wise move.

If you have any of these top HVAC warning signs, contact a local professional to address the issue as soon as possible.

Reach out to a local company for information about getting an emergency HVAC consultation

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