How Aeration Drainfield Restoration Can Save Your Drainfield

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A properly functioning drainfield is essential for your septic system to work. The system is more than just a septic tank. The tank is connected to a large drainage field on your property that filters wastewater as it sinks through the ground. If the field gets clogged, the water won't drain and sewage water rises to the surface of your yard.

At one time, the solution for a compacted drainfield was to move the drainfield to a new location. This was costly and disruptive. Sometimes, it's still necessary to move the entire field. However, drainfield restoration is possible. Here's how drainfield restoration might be done.

Drainfield Restoration Breaks Up The Biomat

The biomat is an important layer in your drainfield, but it can also cause clogging. The mat is a gel substance that forms where the drains empty into the drainfield. The mat is composed of bacteria that help filter the wastewater. Plus, the gel nature of the clog is thicker than soil, so the rate at which the wastewater flows into the soil is slowed down. This allows for more effective filtering.

However, if the biomat gets completely clogged, wastewater backs up instead of flowing through the soil. A method for dealing with this problem is to fracture the soil and the biomat with air. This allows wastewater to drain properly again without completely destroying the biomat.

Fracturing Is Done With Air Machines

The septic contractor may use a machine they push or one they ride on to do the work. They insert a long rod into the soil and blast air through it. The pressure of the air fractures the soil and the biomat. The work is done under the ground so the surface of your yard is not damaged or disturbed. The work is usually completed in just a few hours and your drainfield should be functional again as soon as the work is complete.

No Digging Or Yard Disruption Is Required

Aeration of the drainfield is a popular method of drainfield restoration since there is no digging required and no worry over damaging utility lines. Instead of taking days to replace or dig up the drainfield to make repairs, the work can be completed in a single day. There will be no damage to your grass or landscaping, so aeration is worth a close look when your drainfield is clogging up and you need a rejuvenation or restoration solution.

If you notice standing water over your drainfield or if your septic system backs up, call a septic contractor to take a look at your drainfield and discuss drainfield restoration options. It's better to make repairs early rather than have your system shut down completely due to clogging.

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