How Can You Unclog Your Sump Pump?

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If your sump pump clogs up repeatedly, even after you take multiple steps to keep it clean, ask a plumbing contractor for assistance now. Sump pumps keep water out of basements and other below-ground structures during the rainy season. However, unexpected clogs can prevent a pump from working properly. With a plumber's assistance, you can remove the stubborn clogs from your sump pump today. 

Why Is Your Sump Pump Clogged?

Your sump pump is a small mechanical device that receives or collects water from the outside of the basement through a special line called the drainage pipe. Once the pump fills up with water, it automatically activates and releases the water into a small outlet called the discharge pipe. Both pipes travel beneath the ground, which places them at risk for clogs.

Pipes that travel beneath the ground can become susceptible to sediment buildup or clogs. Sediment consists of solid matter, such as rocks and minerals. Sediment becomes soft when you expose it to water. The soft sediment can deposit, or settle, into the pipes connected to your sump pump and clog it. 

You may be able to successfully remove sediment from the drainage pipe outside your basement. However, you may not be able to remove sediment from the discharge pipe below your basement floor. The pipe's location makes it difficult for you to access it without breaking through the concrete in your basement.

The best way to unclog your pump's discharge pipe is to ask a plumber for assistance. 

How Do You Unclog Your Sump Pump?

A plumber will need to remove the sump pump from your basement floor to access the discharge pipe. After a plumber disconnects the pump from the pipe, they can examine it with a flashlight. A plumber may use other devices, such as a plumbing pipe camera, to view the pipe as well. 

If a plumber's assessment reveals sediment inside your pump's discharge pipe, they'll flush it with a high-pressure garden hose or another device. If the line is completely clogged, a plumber may clear it with an auger. Augers push debris out of pipes without damaging them.

If a plumber doesn't find sediment in your pump's discharge pipe, they'll complete a diagnostic test on your sump pump. Sump pumps can fail if they are:

  • old or outdated
  • small or improperly sized
  • damaged or mechanically unsound

A plumber can remedy the issues above by installing the correct sump pump in your basement.

For more information on plumbing assistance, contact a professional near you.

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