Plumbing Services For Kitchen Sink Backups

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A backed-up and clogged kitchen sink can cause standing water and bad odors and may even make you sick if not addressed promptly. Stagnant water, combined with the debris from the backed-up drain can cause bacterial and mold growth and make spending time in your kitchen and cooking a nightmare. Here are some things a plumbing services professional can do to help if your kitchen sink backs up. 

Identifying The Cause

When your kitchen sink backs up, it is important to identify the cause so that it can be addressed quickly so that your kitchen routine is not further disrupted. A plumber can perform a comprehensive inspection of your drain and pipes to determine where the clog is coming from. Things that can contribute to clogs and backups include grease accumulation, soap scum, food in the drain, and problems with the pipes.

The plumber can use special tools such as a drain camera to examine your pipes. This assessment will help the plumber identify the area of the blockage so that they can develop a repair plan. 

Plumbing Solutions Preventive Measures

After the cause of the backup has been determined, the plumbing will offer you some solutions to address the problem. Whether the cause is related to a simple obstruction that can be treated with a drain snake or a more challenging clog that may require a high-powered water instrument, plumbing professionals have the experience and necessary tools to resolve the problems in a timely and efficient manner. 

The plumber can also offer some prevention tips to help minimize the risk of future backups. These may include talking to you about how to properly dispose of certain food items instead of putting them down the drain or disposal. They can also advise you on proper maintenance techniques to help ensure that your drains consistently run smoothly. In addition, the plumber can recommend installing a drain trap in your kitchen sink to catch debris before it enters your pipes.

If your kitchen sink backs up and you are left with stagnant standing water, contact a plumbing services professional as soon as possible. They can clear pipe obstructions so that effective drainage can be quickly established. It is important to note, that while it is appropriate to use your plunger to help release the clog, attempting to make further repairs to the plumbing system and pipes without having the necessary experience to do so may prove costly in the long run.

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