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Professional drain cleaning is a crucial service that helps maintain the plumbing to keep it in good condition and functioning properly. This article will provide you with information on professional drain cleaning that you should be aware of, as well as the advantages it brings. 

Methods of professional drain cleaning 

Augering (Snaking)

Augering is a method where a flexible metal cable called an auger is used. The plumber will insert the auger into the drain, and it will rotate to break up or dislodge the blockages that are starting to form or are already clogging the system.  

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a very effective and powerful method of drain cleaning. A special nozzle is inserted into the drain, and water will be sprayed through the system with high pressure. The pressure the water comes out at is highly effective at quickly getting rid of stubborn clogs, heavily scaled pipes, and grease buildup that may be lining the drains and pipes. 

Enzyme Drain Cleaners

It's important to stay away from using drain cleaners yourself. Most store-bought drain cleaning products can be harmful to your plumbing system. However, professional plumbers can come out and clean your drain by using a special enzyme-based drain cleaner that's eco-friendly and will clean the drains and pipes without causing any damage to the plumbing. These cleaners can be used on their own as a preventative measure or with other methods when there is already some debris in the drains and pipes. 

Advantages of Routine Drain Cleaning

Know Your System Is Good

One of the benefits of having your drains cleaned by a plumber is that it gives them the opportunity to visually inspect the system. They can provide the system with a video pipe inspection before they clean the drains. This way, they can determine the exact location of any and all blockages. What the camera can also show are areas of damage or other concerns. Once the plumber knows more about your system's condition, they can suggest the right solutions and take care of all of them for you. 

Fast Drains

When you have blockages and built-up materials removed, the drains will work faster. This can be especially helpful when you're doing something with the water and need the sink to remain free of pooling water. For example, you may wash your hair in the sink. You won't want the water to come back into the sink while your hair is in it. 

Fresh-Smelling Home

Another thing that can happen as the drains start to have buildup in them is that odors can develop. This can leave your kitchen and bathrooms with a foul odor that can be quite offensive. Drain cleaning removes the odor-causing buildup, leaving your home smelling fresher. 

Contact a local drain cleaning service to learn more. 

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